Power Component Tester


Application: Validation
UUT: Powertrain Inverter, DC/DC converter, active/passive components
Phases: 3


During the validation process the determination of the electrical performance of passive and active components, as well as power electronic components is often complex. Depending on the test case, different sources or sinks need to be combined.


The AVL Power Component Tester (PCT) is an integrated test solution. It consists of a one or three phase AC-source / sink  and a DC-source / sink, which are controlled centrally. The variability of the PCT enables easy changes between different test cases. The Power-Loop architecture of the power sources / sinks is the reason why energy can flow in a circle. The occurring power losses only need to be covered by energy out of the grid. Test cases can be done easily by using the integrated user interface. The PCT can be connected additionally to a higher-level automation system. Due to its small carbon footprint and simple connection concept, the PCA is suitable for laboratory use.



ProduCt Highlights

  • Compact and easy test set-up
  • Easy test configuration
  • Testing of electrical limit values
  • Flexibility for the developer
  • Minimal installation effort
Customer Voices

“AVL’s Power Components Tester comes in whenever there is need to test electrical power components. It really speeds up validation of both active and passive power components like connectors, bus bars, inductors or power modules!” *

Passive Components

  • Heating
  • Frequency Response
  • Saturation


  • Inductors
  • Capacitors
  • Connectors
  • Bus bars

Active Components

  • Switching Performance/Losses
  • Heating and endurance
  • Endurance


  • Semiconductor modules
  • Power converters
  • Current transducer


  • Endurance testing
  • Qualification Tests
  • Heating


  • Prototypes
  • Samples
  • Field returns

*We are aware that you would like to know which customer voice you have just heard. As we are bound to non-disclosure agreements, we hope for your understanding that we are not always able to put references on our website. Please get in touch and we will be happy to tell you more about our solutions and specific test cases.

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Our Sales Team


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