Application: Development
UUT: Powertrain Inverter, DC/DC converter
Phases: 3 or 6
1 UUT with 3ph or 6ph e-motor
1 UUT with 2x 3ph e-motor
2 UUT with 2x 3ph e-motor
Motor models: PMSM, IM, EESM


High voltage components in electric powertrains require dedicated testing methods and tools. The traction inverter is a key component in electric propulsion systems as it controls all driving conditions and is part of safety-critical vehicle functionalities. Power electronics in combination with a high level of signal complexity require an appropriate test methodology and the use of adequate testing equipment.


The AVL Power-HiL enables the validation of the inverter already in an early development phase and optimizes the integration with all other components in the electrified powertrain. We have designed a test environment, where all functionalities and failure modes can be optimized, tested and pre-calibrated efficiently. Compared to testing in prototype vehicles, this not only results in optimized processes but significant time savings.

Product Highlights

  • Full test coverage while reducing cost and test time
  • Tests are fully reproducible
  • Emulation of different e-motor types via mathematical models by software
  • Precise motor models ensure realistic test results based on correct e-motor behavior
  • Excellent phase drivers signal quality due to precise replication of arbitrary phase current trends
  • Control of rotor position, control of torque, control of speed
  • High switching frequency to make sure that inverter and e-motor are fully synchronized
  • Testing fault scenarios like active short circuit and line short circuits


  • Optimization of e-motor controls
  • Test overload protection of the UUT
  • Recuperation behavior check
  • Measurement of UUT efficiency
  • Fault simulation and functional safety tests according to ISO 26262
  • Interaction of MGUH and MGUK in Formula 1.
Customer Voices

“We make sure that new cars drive longer and longer in the virtual world, before we need actual prototypes. That increases the flexibility in development, accelerates the processes and reduces costs on top of that.“
(Manu Ramachandra Saale, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt. Ltd. Daimler AG,
Die Welt, 27.11.2016)

Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team


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