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Education & Cooperation

E-Mobility is fascinating. This is our future. Progress must be made so that our lives remain full and that we and our environment survive.

To promote e-mobility.

Driving power electronics forwards means sharing knowledge.

But for many people, power electronics and the possibilities offered by insightful test methods remain unknown. This needs changing.

We off you education cooperation either as a school, technical university, university, educational establishment, research institution or from industry. In a cooperative partnership.

Answering and asking questions, that is what we really appreciate. And this is entirely in the spirit of Horst Hammerer, our founder and owner. Whoever asks questions will never be satisfied with the status quo and will be able to discover new things and find ways to achieve the best.


Discover something even better, together? And understand.

Previously, it was the established test processes that left our CEO Horst dissatisfied. He started to observe, understand, and critically investigate test processes at the very beginning while baking circuit boards in an oven in a garage. And he realised there was a better way. That is why we are so successful. And ready to share knowledge.

Yes, this is perhaps a little altruistic and not necessarily something you would expect from a company. However, it does help to drive e-mobility forwards, together, and helps our children and our grandchildren.

The idea of sharing is therefore not quite as altruistic as it seems …

The form of a cooperation can take many different forms since we design it together. What unites us is the innovative drive and pioneering spirit.

Let’s discuss the possibilities. We can also work on a concept that moves both of us forwards.

Are there examples of lived educational cooperation?

Admittedly, we at AVL SET are racing enthusiasts and we have a lot of experience regarding the world’s circuits. That is why we support Formula Student. The Formula SAE is an international design competition. Teams from all over the world compete against each other with their own designs and constructed racing cars. It is consciously not just about the race, the dynamics, winning, but also about so-called static disciplines. These include vehicle design and the engineering effort, for example the application of the latest technology and clever detailed solutions that are represented in a design report and presented to the judges in the car. W

e are obviously involved in the application of the latest technologies. The regulations give the participants a lot of room for manoeuvre in the design of their vehicle. However, focus is placed on safety, both in the layout of the vehicle and in the competitions. We at AVL SET have contributed with both financial and equipment donations. Above all, we are pleased to note that our technical expertise and the use of our solutions to test components have smoothed the path for the student’s racing teams.

We support the following teams:

Sharing Knowledge

We are also pleased to share knowledge with:

  • Job application training for pupils at schools in Wangen
  • Excursions to AVL SET including product demonstrations and knowledge sharing
  • School practical days (BORS and BOGY)
  • Industrial partnership with the Hochschule Reutlingen
  • Educational partnerships according to the educational initiative Baden-Württemberg
  • Case Studies for students to be studied during lectures
  • Lectures by our experts in controlling and technical areas