AVL SET as an

Expert in the testing of power electronics


Are you active in the automotive, e-bike, racing, or truck and bus sector?

Then you expect reliable test methodology to enable you to test your power electronics on a test bed.

We are AVL SET: Development of our methodology for the testing of power electronics begins at our site in Wangen im Allgäu. And goes global.

We have specialized on the automotive sector. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given the urgent need that has emerged from e-mobility.

Focus on Automotive

Test costs, test coverage, speed of testing in the areas of development, validation and production: We have brought speed to the sector. Because it is the only way. This is how we can work together to make e-mobility competitive.


Power electronics in the car? These are the components we can test for you:

Drive Inverter

DC/DC Converter

Onboard Charger

Power Electronics for Auxilleries


15 years of experience speak for themselves

Our reputation as experts has spread throughout the sector. We are known as testing pioneers in the world of power electronics. Because we break new methodical ground to shape test procedures to be as efficient and meaningful as possible. We do this across the entire life-cycle of power electronic components. Test methods, test devices and test systems accompany each test process beginning with the development of such components, via validation, up to production.

Specifically, we develop the methodology for the testing of power electronics in three areas:

Area 1: Development

Area 2: Validation

Area 3: Production

Our Drive

What specifically drives us?


We want to contribute to making electric drives cheaper and more reliable. This is our mission. We give all we can out of our many years of experience, every day. And the urge to be better, faster.

Our Drive

Revolutionizing test processes


Our markets are highly dynamic, always moving, volatile. To ensure that you are always ahead, we drive the possibilities offered by testing forwards. And continuously enter the race with you anew.


Why are we known as the experts in testing power electronics?

Whoever is involved in the automotive, e-bike, racing, or truck and bus sectors often experiences the testing of power electronics as a new field. Which is why AVL SET is appreciated as a pioneer and knowledge driver. Trial and error will not get you very far.

We have the expertise. That is the theory. And we develop the test solutions. Because that is practice. We are way beyond the trial and error phase.

For example, we have developed the first industrial e-motor emulator. We are able to link with the appropriate tools. We have revolutionized test processes. We employ experts from the field of power electronics, in the modelling of e-motors, circuit design, and the programming of computational platforms. And we can handle high currents and voltages.

Are you new to the subject of power electronics?

Power electronics can be understood as the components required to convert electrical energy. The energy losses caused by component heating lead to this conversion being done predominantly by electronic switching elements. Power electronics are the “heart and brain” of an electric powertrain. Each product can only be as good as the test process.