Our Team

About our Team

Hi, we are AVL SET. Our shared vision:
An electric and clean future. We work together on this and everyone is allowed to contribute their ideas.
It’s fun to implement electrifying innovations with a motivated team. Because we are sure: The future is electric!

About our Management

Dipl. Ing. Horst Hammerer
Managing Director & Founder
LinkedIn: Horst Hammerer


Dr. Tobias Schelter
Managing Director
LinkedIn: Dr. Tobias Schelter


Development engineers work on automation projects with programs such as Matlab and Simulink. They develop the software and implement it in the hardware, which is then tested.


Purchasing, sales, controlling, product management…and they all have one thing in common: they need a lot of coffee. Because that, too, is part of our orders and is recorded in the accounts.


Our production consists of high voltage and low voltage products. Testbeds are built, qualified and packed here, and afterwards delivered to the customer.