AVL SET in Numbers

Counted 2023

1st time being on TV

For the first time, a film crew from the RegioTV channel visited us. We’re pleased with the results, which were first aired on October 17, 2023. The video clip offers a behind-the-scenes look, showcasing why AVL SET is so special. If you’re interested in viewing the outcome, here’s the link:



Educational partnerships

Education is very important for us, so we’re happy to support local schools and universities of applied sciences.
For example, we organized an International Day of Electrical Engineering at the RNG. We also organized a soldering course with the Student Research Center. In addition, the Ebnet elementary school visited us, and we visited the GWRS Niederwangen.
We also have ongoing cooperations with the Formula Student Teams of the local universities of Konstanz, Weingarten, Ulm, and Kempten.


We’re happy to announce that 9 AVL SET babies were born in 2023. We wish all new parents all the best as they embark on this amazing journey of parenthood.



Apprentices and DHBW students

This year, all of our apprentices and DHBW students had the opportunity to be part of our first “Azubitag”, where they had the chance to socialize with each other while having pizza, mini golf and a Weißwurst breakfast.
Currently, we have 6 apprentices and 4 DHBW students.
Are you interested in becoming an apprentice with us? Here are our job offers.


We have a wide range of nationalities in our team, creating a vibrant mix that constantly exposes us to new aspects of cultures as diverse as India, England and Japan.
This diversity is reflected in our language landscape, where 22 languages are spoken in the office, including Hindi and Swedish.
This has a lot of positive aspects for us, like learning about different cultures and we´re staying open-minded for new things.




Many people like pets, we´ve asked our colleagues if they had a pet at home. 25 % of those who participated in the survey said they have pets at home. At our photo collage you can see some of the 22 pets.

Events and fairs

It is important for us to be present at career days to recruit new young talents. Therefore, we participated at 10 career days.
We also attended 16 technical events to get the opportunity to network, talk to industry peers and share knowledge.
Thanks to these types of events, we learn about news within the community and what we can do to improve our systems and products.
We can also find out more about our customers’ needs and we can adapt our existing solutions.



Pizzas were eaten

We like spending time together, so we often have team events. In September, we had a pizza oven event. For this get-together, a colleague organized a pizza oven and 27 pizzas were baked and eaten. On the same day, our colleagues had a barbecue for 120€.


Average age

Our company is not about age. What really matters? It’s about the skills, creativity and forward-thinking that make us who we are.



Our weekly “Arbeitskreis” meetings every Friday cover company updates, upcoming events, and diverse topics of interest. This year, we held 40 sessions, with 6 in person and the rest online, a practice continued from the pandemic.

Additionally, we conduct Focus Days every 4 months, totaling 3 this year. These events offer a space for sharing ideas, knowledge, and opinions. Notably, we introduced our first Health Day, dedicated to promoting healthy cooking, movement, and exercises for a happy back. We’re excited about these enriching experiences for our team.


Among our colleagues, 54% prefer using an Android smartphone for personal use, just edging out iOS.




For waking up, 63% of AVL SET employees choose the classic coffee. Second place goes to “other” drinks such as water, juice or cocoa. Tea takes the last place with 15%.

New colleagues

We continue to grow and hire. In 2023, we welcomed 65 new colleagues. Interested? Check out our job openings.



Homemade cakes

Our colleagues have shown their baking skills also in this year – we came up with 83 homemade cakes. Thanks to all our talented bakers!


We’re happy to announce that our team has grown to 180 members in 2023. A warm welcome to all our new members! We’re always looking for new colleagues – if you’d like to apply, please contact.




Our arsenal of 196 laptops (including 15 MS Surfaces) and 24 desktop PCs plays an indispensable role in key facets of our operations – be it in development, daily operation, or beyond.


This year, we successfully processed 261 deliveries to 56 customers. We extend our gratitude for the fruitful collaboration! In addition to our regular deliveries, we executed an impressive 366 ad-hoc express shipments for projects, spare parts, Q-cases, and more, including 89 export shipments. This showcases our continued commitment and flexibility. Thank you for your ongoing partnership!




In 2023, AVL SET’s company building became bee-friendly with a thriving community of 150,000 bees, including 3 queen bees. Perhaps, next year, we’ll enjoy our very own Linden Blossom Honey!