Our Products

AVL Inverter TS™

The AVL Inverter TS enables the validation of the inverter already in an early development phase and optimizes the integration with all other components in the electrified powertrain. We have designed a test environment, where all functionalities and failure modes can be optimized, tested and pre-calibrated efficiently. Compared to testing in prototype vehicles, this not only results in optimized processes but significant time savings.

LV Power-HiL

Test solutions for inverters of auxiliary units like electric pumps, electric brakes or electric steering as well as e-bike inverters must be small, compact and cost-efficient. Furthermore, reliability and highest precision and accuracy at low voltages are a must.
Often, the inverter must be tested before the electric motor is fully developed. A simple and fast change of motor data must therefore be ensured.

EoL Tester

The AVL EoL Tester is a compact test solution, consisting of either one or two cabinets. It can be used to perform 100% routine testing as well as testing of field returns. Test sequences are implemented according to customer specific requirements. Precise measurements and interpretation of the test results are guaranteed. The documentation of production data is included.