AVL SET in Numbers



 International Electrical Engineering Day

 AVL SET launched the International Electrical Engineering Day on February 12th.
We can no longer imagine a world without electrical engineering. Smartphones and computers have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

The relevance of this topic will always be highlighted on February 12th. So far, we have been able to celebrate one event that took place before the pandemic.

3 Relocations

AVL SET is the fastest growing company in Wangen. Therefore, we have already had two relocations so far and one relocation still to come when the new building is finished in Spring 2022.


Clubs and Organizations supported 

AVL SET supports young teams to realize the development, design, production, and marketing of a formula racing car. These include Einstein Motorsports Ulm, Infinity Racing Kempten, and the Formula Student Team Weingarten.

We also donated food to the local food bank, for people who need urgent support.



We are proud to announce that six AVL SET babies have been born in the last year and we are looking forward to more cute little fellows, who might also participate in electrifying innovations one day.



Our team is a diverse mix from all over the world such as France, England, Japan, India, and Jordan. It can get quite culinary when it turns into a food event, and everyone brings a specialty from their country. Getting to know different cultures is thus guaranteed.

Research projects 

In 2020, we were involved in 32 research projects. 30 of these were carried out internally, in some cases with the participation of the AVL Group. 2 of them externally with cooperation partners from science, such as universities or other companies.


The Average Age

No matter what age, what matters to us is passion.
Because without it, we won’t find the drive we need to realize our vision.

39 Delivery Adresses


Many systems left our company in 2020 and were delivered to satisfied customers, among others to well-known car manufacturers.




Every Friday a so-called “Arbeitskreis” takes place, in which our managing director informs us about news, company numbers, events or other interesting topics. Because of the pandemic it’s taking place online.


Colleagues recruited

We are growing and are still hiring. 49 new colleagues were recruited in 2020. The team from the Human Resources department is expanding their network and is always looking for new professionals.

68 Training Courses booked

Further development is an integral part of AVL SET.  Internal and external training covers the needs of our employees. In an annual development discussion, employees can co-ordinate suitable training for their individual career planning.


English Lessons

“You can say you to me!” said former Chancellor Helmut Kohl during one of his state visits. To make sure that doesn’t happen to us, AVL SET offers English courses. Native speaker Kate teaches us everything we need.




In 2020, we hired many new employees despite the Corona crisis. In the meantime, the number of our colleagues has risen from 5 to 138 in 15 years.

Social Media Followers

Get in touch. Let’s be amigos. Like us on Instagram. Follow us on LinkedIn. Stop by and say hi! Check out our social media accounts and follow us!


Food Orders

At AVL SET, employees can pre-order fresh meals that are served in our kitchen every day.

2960,5 Vacation days taken

Vacation means vacation, not work, otherwise relaxation falls by the wayside. A healthy work-life balance is important for well-being.



Coffees drunk

But first coffee! After all, Germany is a coffee nation,

because that’s one way to start a productive day.